Backyard Wedding Tips, From Colin Cowie (VIDEO)

05/07/2012 10:42 am ET | Updated Aug 28, 2013

Colin Cowie recently joined me on "Mondays With Marlo" to offer some advice on weddings. A viewer named Fiona wrote in, "I'm getting married this summer and I want my wedding to be very simple in my parent’s backyard. We don’t have much money, but what are some simple things I can do to make it elegant?"

So, here are some great suggestions from Colin for a backyard wedding:

  • You know first of all let’s say that style has got nothing to do with money. It’s not about how much money we spend. I think it’s about how we spend it and how smart we are.
  • I love the idea of maybe doing one long single table in the backyard and serving your meal family style with using family recipes. Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive centerpieces you have bowls of pasta and roasted chicken and asparagus pierced all the way down the table.
  • In between the serving dishes you can do lovely terracotta plants that are planted with basil and rosemary and fresh herbs, so you kind of have the lovely Tuscan experience and instead of spending a lot of money with service. Then you can have big magnum bottles of red wine down the table, bottles of olive oil, so it kind of gives a Tuscan backyard feeling and top it off with a beautiful wedding cake.

Simple and stylish! Here are some more tips from Colin on entertaining and weddings:

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