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'The Lucky One,' 'Girls,' 'Think Like A Man' And More Bad Reviews: The Week In Ouch

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 04/21/2012 8:43 am

From 'The Lucky One' to 'Girls', the week's most brutal reviews are in

The reviews are in, and they aren't holding back. Zac Efron's new Nicholas Sparks flick "The Lucky One" is getting universally panned by critics, while the horror film "The Moth Diaries" is getting "Twilight" comparisons, and not in the good, destined-to-become-a-box-office-smash way.

TV land isn't faring much better with Lena Dunham's television debut, "Girls," causing a ruckus among bloggers who don't find Dunham's meta humor worthwhile. Meanwhile, Julia Louis Dreyfus' television comeback, HBO's political comedy "Veep," isn't scoring any new votes from HuffPost TV's Maureen Ryan.

Last but not least, among the new album releases this week, Train and Jason Mraz both dropped new LPs -- and both are racking up some horrible reviews. It looks like Train frontman Patrick Monahan stole Mraz's signature wacky wordplay and took it to an unbearably pop-y level in California 37, while Mraz is just putting critics to sleep with his new record, Love is a Four Letter Word.

HuffPost Entertainment has rounded up the week's snarkiest reviews just for your enjoyment in this latest installment of our "Week In Ouch" series.

Let us know what you think deserved the harsh critiques, and which ones you think critics should ease up on, in the comments.

  • 'The Lucky One' Will Make Young Girls Happy But No One Else

    Perhaps Nicholas Sparks' latest novel-turned-movie, "The Lucky One," could have been better if the main protagonist -- played by a semi-shirtless Zac Efron -- wasn't so creepy and unlikable, says Newsday.

    The overheated eroticism could have at least made for a camp classic, but the film's chilling narcissism ultimately makes for a pleasureless fantasy.

  • 'Think Like A Man' Follows The Same Old Routine

    If you've seen a sitcom in the last 30 years, then thinks that you probably know exactly how "Think Like a Man" is going to play out.

    Drastically overlong, burdened by too many stories about too many couples who are too one-dimensional to be relatable.

  • Even 'Twilight' Is Better Than 'The Moth Diaries'

    What could have been an epic gothic adaptation of Rachel Klein's 2002 novel "The Moth Diaries" turned out to be an epic embarrassment, according to Time Out. You know it's bad when the critic calls your film "Twilight-lite."

    Whither the filmmaker who gave us such memorable monsters as Patrick Bateman and Valerie Solanas, or such complex females as Bettie Page? Someone has apparently stolen the director's identity and is making movies under her name.

  • Jason Mraz Is Too Mellow On New LP

    Jason Mraz has always been a laid-back guy, but is it possible to be too mellow? On his new album, Love Is A Four-Letter Word, Mraz has no use for the "pop-rap vocal rhythms or silly wordplay" that he's known for, comments The Wrap.

    Mraz was never exactly hard-boiled, even back in the days when he was trying to be funny, but "Love" is so single-mindedly mellow it's almost as if the CD itself were constructed from recycled antidepressants, or maybe old Bread LPs.

  • ABC's 'Titanic' Sinks

    Fans of Julian Fellowes' hit PBS Masterpiece series "Downtown Abbey" thought that his four-part "Titanic" miniseries was going to bring the captivating drama of the "Abbey" to the sea. Unfortunately, Fellowes' "Titanic" had far too many stories to tell and not enough time to carry them all out properly, according to The Washington Post. Not to mention that "Titanic" sank in the ratings.

    Oh, poor lamb. Here's your life vest and your deck chair. This whole thing is going down and taking us with it.

  • Wait, Train Was Once A Rock Band?

    Remember when Train was considered a rock band, and they released singles like "Meet Virginia" and "Drops of Jupiter"? If you thought "Hey Soul Sister" was an annoying pop tune, then just wait until you hear Train's newest album, California 37, says Sputnik Music.

    [T]he whole of California 37 is likely to make you question your sanity. The album is basically a round up of the happiest sounds Monahan could muster, placed overtop of cute jingles and packaged in the most radio-friendly format possible.

  • 'Veep' Isn't That Funny

    No matter how charming "Veep" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in real life, she can't quite convey the clueless veep that she needs to be in her new HBO comedy, says HuffPost TV's Maureen Ryan.

    And I like the cringe-inducing comedy of awkwardness as much as the next person, but "Veep" simply isn't particularly fresh or funny, and most of its jokes are telegraphed from a long way away. For instance, if Selina's stated goal in an episode is to show her daughter that she's a priority in the politician's life, you can be sure that exactly the opposite will happen.

  • HBO's 'Girls' Is 'A Huge F--king Disappointment'

    HBO's new show "Girls" isn't for everyone. In fact, Lena Dunham's "engineered" series isn't for very many people at all, and Hairpin was majorly disappointed.

    "My chief beef is not simply that the girls in 'Girls' are white ... The problem with 'Girls' is that while the show reaches -- and succeeds, in many ways -- to show female characters that are not caricatures, it feels alienating, a party of four engineered to appeal to a very specific subset of the television viewing audience, when the show has the potential to be so much bigger than that. And that is a huge fucking disappointment."

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