04/24/2012 08:21 am ET | Updated Jun 24, 2012

Bill O'Reilly On 'Simpsons' Fox News Swipe: 'How Predictable' (VIDEO)

The recent jab at Fox News by "The Simpsons" did not go unnoticed by that network's marquee personality.

Bill O'Reilly fired back at the show on Monday after "The Simpsons" took a series of swipes at Fox News on Sunday. The occasion was the 25th anniversary of the Fox broadcasting network.

"I like how the network is a daring liberal antidote to the right-wing news channel it gave birth to," Lisa Simpson said at one point in the show. Later, the animators put up a card that read, "Congratulations FOX on 25 years...We still love you (this doesn't include Fox News)."

O'Reilly called the gags a "cheap shot," and said the card was "dopey" and "predictable."

If viewers may have felt like they were experiencing deja vu, it's because they were: back in 2010, "The Simpsons" mocked its corporate sibling for three straight weeks. Who came to the channel's defense? None other than Bill O'Reilly.

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