New York may take the crown as America's rudest city, but a new campaign is aiming to kick our bad manners to the curb with an equally rude, blunt series of posters titled, "Don't Be A F*cking Asshole."

The campaign specifically targets rude straphangers aboard the subway. So if you find yourselves routinely irked by the sight of a bag occupying a whole subway seat or becoming irrationally incensed when people block your way into a train, then you can relate.

Comedian Streeter Seidell created the series in hopes to resonate with New Yorkers by using posters "written in a style they’ll understand, so that one day, maybe, they won’t be quite so shitty."

Of course, if you take pride in the foul-mouthed, wonderfully bitter behavior that makes this city what it is, you can also visit Rude NYC to proudly display our best, most discourteous moments.

Check out the cheeky campaign, and feel free to add your own pet peeves, below!

Rude New Yorkers
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