04/25/2012 06:48 pm ET

American Hipster Presents Four Barrel Coffee: Jeremy Tooker Talks Life, Coffee And San Francisco (VIDEO)

The latest episode of American Hipster Presents, the last of five to take place in San Francisco, features local cult favoriteFour Barrel Coffee.

The episode follows around Jeremy Tooker, one of the founders of the local coffee company and café, as he discusses how to balance work and relationships in the city and his personal identification with coffee.

“When people watch this they are probably gonna be like, 'stupid hipsters,'" Tooker retorts to series host Paavo Steinkamph as they sip on cappuccinos and then dutifully spit it back out again like true coffee connoisseurs.


Four Barrel Coffee, named for the old fashioned coffee roaster in the corner of their shop, sells coffees from around the world by the cup, bag or wholesale. In the course of the eight minute episode, Tooker mentions multiple trips to Ethiopia to try their famous beans.

Despite the Four Barrel's reputation as a hipster hotspot, Tooker looks to look past the stereotypes associated with that.

“Because we have the reputation for being the hipster coffee shop, it gained the reputation for having snotty baristas,” Jeremy says in the video; his goal, however, is to prioritize customer service at Four Barrel.

Also on the agenda, is to open a new café and bakery in Divisadero Corridor, an area recently named “Comeback Neighborhood of the Year." The new café, a partnership with Jose Baker of pop-up bread fame, promises to be nothing like Four Barrel.

“A little less intentionally cool this time,” Jeremy says.

Check out the rest of the episode below, or catch up on the ones you missed on their YouYube channel, and make sure to check back in next week when American Hipster leaves our fair city and heads to Austin.