04/25/2012 05:27 pm ET

Sprint Will Offer Unlimited Data Plan For Next iPhone

Sprint-subscribed iPhone users, rejoice!

According to CNET, Sprint Nextel will continue to offer an unlimited data plan for the next iPhone -- whether it's LTE-equipped or not.

"Frankly, [the combination of unlimited and the iPhone is] a marriage made in heaven," said Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse to CNET. "We're clearly attracting customers from our competitors."

According to the AP, while the company did experience a net loss this quarter of $863 million, it added 263,000 subscribers on contract-based plans. Meanwhile, both AT&T and Verizon Wireless have seen a decrease in new customer numbers. In addition, AllThingsD reports that 44 percent of iPhone sales during Sprint's first quarter were to new customers.

Sprint Nextel first started offering the iPhone back in October, after agreeing to pay $15.5 billion over a four-year period, reports the AP. While, at the time, analysts were skeptical of how much help the iPhone could offer to the struggling mobile provider, it seems Sprint may have made the right move and is sticking to its guns by continuing to offer its unlimited data plan.

Are you a Sprint subscriber? What do you think of the company's decision to continue its unlimited data plan? Let us know in the comments!