04/26/2012 03:23 pm ET

Royal/T Explores 'The Art Of Cooking' In New Exhibition (PHOTOS)

Although the perfect burger is like a work of art in itself, we are especially excited about a new exhibition opening tomorrow at Royal/T in Los Angeles. "The Art of Cooking" is a multimedia exhibition of playful works revolving around food. The show harnesses the giddy excitement of seeing a mouthwatering meal, but the desire to eat is translated into the hunger to see. Humor runs throughout the works, from Viktor Kopp's chocolate geometries to Theo Rosenblum's piece, titled "Ghoul Whip." Our favorite work, however, is Scott Reeder's "Pear Painting" (2011), which evokes Magritte and Monty Python in equal amounts.

Food and art both light up our day to day lives, so it is not a surprise that a recipe mixing the two would be a success. The exhibition will show at Royal/T in Los Angeles until August 1.

art of cooking