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Frequent Flyers Describe Air Travel As 'Extremely Frustrating': Survey Says

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Frequent flyers say security lines have become "extremely frustrating," according to a new survey. | AP

If you dread business travel, you're not alone. A survey of frequent international travelers by Priority Pass found that trips typically get off to a bad start at the airport, where more than 90 percent of travelers agree that slow check-ins and security lines are “frustrating” or “extremely frustrating.” Specifically, 67 percent hate having to strip off their shoes, belts and other clothing, while 65 percent are driven mad by noisy families.

What would make the airport a more pleasant destination? The number-one choice, cited by 33 percent of the travelers, is a "fast track" through security. Free Wi-Fi tops the wish list for 26 percent, 8 percent wish the skies were a bit friendlier (specifically airline employees), and 6 percent want more seating.

Why it matters to your business: Entrepreneurs may hate flying, but we're still doing it. A measly 15 percent of those surveyed will be traveling less for business this year; 28 percent will be traveling more and 57 percent will spend the same amount of time on the road and in the air. If you can't avoid it, make the most of it. Napping and reading rank high among the travelers' favorite parts of the trip.

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