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Allen West Launches 'Taxmageddon' Attack On Patrick Murphy

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Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) has fired his first shots against Patrick Murphy, the Florida Democratic congressional candidate who followed him into his new district to challenge his reelection bid.

Thursday he released a a movie poster-style ad titled "TAXMAGEDDON," presented by "BARACK OBAMA & the BIG SPENDERS," lumping Murphy together with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

"President Obama and the big spenders in Congress are planning ‘Taxmageddon’ on Jan 1 2013—after they’ve had to face the voters of course," West wrote on his Facebook page. "This plan will hurt the middle class, students, retirees and investors and slow already anemic economic growth."

Murphy is a certified public accountant and small business owner who has never been in Congress or had anything to do with the expiration of Bush-era tax cuts. This week he was recognized by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as a potential "Red to Blue" candidate, and he will receive support from the organization.

"Allen West can run, but he can't hide," he wrote in a blog post in February.

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