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California Marijuana Raids: 11 Arrested In Oakland, Two Novato Pot Clubs Targeted By Feds (VIDEO)

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It's safe to say it hasn't been the greatest week for the California marijuana industry.

On the heels of Obama's flimsy explanation for his administration's growing crackdown on medical cannabis, three high-profile isolated incidents plagued Northern California during the past five days.

In Oakland, police confiscated more than $1 million worth of marijuana -- 2,500 plants -- during a Wednesday night warehouse raid that marked one of the city's largest to date. According to the Oakland Tribune, 11 suspects were arrested after SWAT officers used flash bang grenades to gain access to the supply. Investigators described the findings as "very good quality."

Meanwhile, up in Mendocino, Deputy District Attorney Sergio Fuentes was put on administrative leave after authorities discovered a pot garden in his home. No arrests have been made, and according to the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, the situation remains under investigation.

And over in Novato, federal prosecutors began proceedings to shut down two popular cannabis dispensaries: the Green Door Wellness Education Center and the Green Tiger. While the latter has already closed, the former has vowed to remain open unless it receives a direct order otherwise. "I want to combine the passion for helping our patients with the wisdom to stay out of jail," Green Door owner Lawrence Pebbles told the Marin Independent Journal.

Better luck next week?

Take a look at a video report of the Oakland raid below, courtesy of ABC News:

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