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Buying An Engagement Ring: How Do I Pick The Right Ring? (VIDEO)

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It's almost wedding season, and even the stone-coldest among us get sappy when close friends and family members pledge to love each other forever. That's why, if you're attending at least one wedding this summer and you're in a relationship, you might want to start thinking about buying an engagement ring -- because all that love-pledging might send you down on bended knee before you know it.

In this clip from local news channel Fox 6, long-time jewelers Rob and Steve Tobin of Tobin Jewelers share some expert advice on buying a diamond ring. The jewelers say that antique-inspired rings and white gold are hot this season, as many brides-to-be shopping with their fiances are requesting these styles.

On a budget? Rob Tobin told Fox 6 that there's an easy way to get the ring you want for less: 'We'll make the ring smaller, with less diamond weight. You'll save a bit of money that way."

Watch the video above to learn more about engagement ring trends, and to get more tips on scoring a diamond for less, check out this infographic.

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