The Great GoogaMooga Festival is quickly approaching with a stellar lineup of the best in music and food scheduled to hit Brooklyn's Prospect Park May 19 and 20.

Organized by the creators who brought you Bonnaroo, the festival will feature incredible vendors like Roberta's, Russ & Daughters and Porchetta, plus music from Hall & Oates, The Roots, and many more. Freebie tickets are sold out but you can still get all-access VIP Extra Mooga tickets here.

VIP access runs at $249.50 a pop, but tickets will get you an exclusive, inside look into some of the festival's most celebrated foodies on the bill. Notable chefs include pork master April Bloomfield, who will be presenting a pig butchering demo and the Anthony Bourdain-christened Big Gay Ice Cream, who will be hosting a disco party paired with their wildly popular ice cream delectables.

The festival organizers created these great, art-y food videos to get people hungry for the event. And trust us, you will find poetry in a Russ & Daughters bagel, a Baohaus pork bun, or watching Tom Colicchio chopping off a squab's head. LOOK!

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  • Tom Colicchio of Craft and Colicchio & Sons

    "Tom Colicchio of Craft and Colicchio & Sons is a bad-ass. Plain and simple. And what you see here is joy, passion, and just pure love for his craft. And yes, that's squab and it's delicious!"

  • The Spotted Pig

    Chef-restaurateur Bloomfield (The Spotted Pig) knows her way around a pig and perfectly marries amazing precision and the art of cooking. She's currently making waves with her new cookbook, A Girl and Her Pig.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream

    "Nobody makes a cone like Bryan Quint & Doug Petroff of Big Gay Ice Cream in NYC's East Village."

  • Russ & Daughters

    "Since 1914, Russ & Daughters has been New York's premier appetizing shop. This landmark institution has been continuously owned and operated by four generations of the Russ family. We dare you to watch this and not have a serious 'bagel and schmear' craving."

  • Eddie Huang of BaoHaus

    "More like... Holy Pork Buns! Eddie Huang of BaoHaus in NYC's east village takes an amazingly fluffy Bao (steamed bun), adds a perfect piece of pork belly and a love for hip-hop. Damn! That's some good stuff..."