04/30/2012 03:46 pm ET | Updated May 01, 2012

Real Weddings: Couples Who Got Married This Weekend (PHOTOS)

While nothing beats a professional photographer to capture your Big Day, we're always excited to see the candid -- and, sometimes, unexpected -- moments that wedding guests catch on film, often using little more than their smartphones.

In that spirit, we're kicking off our "Real Weddings of the Weekend" series and we're asking you, dear readers, to help us out. If you go to a wedding over the weekend, tweet a photo to @HuffPostWedding or email it to us at by Monday morning and we'll feature it on the site.

Below, you'll see the real wedding photos that guests sent us this week. But, first, here's a touching story that came to us via email along with one of the snapshots.

On Friday April 27, Nick and Krista Masotto got married in Downey, CA. On Monday morning, the bride's father, who is in his last stage of cancer, went into hospice care.

The bride's aunt, Danette Buckley, wrote us: "Krista's dad has been battling Multiple Myeloma for seven years and has been an inspiration to all of us. He had exhausted his treatment options, so Krista and Nick wanted to say their vows, and be able to have her dad walk her down the aisle."

Buckley said that Nick, who is in the army, was given the OK to come to California for four days in order to marry Krista. He flew in to LAX on Friday morning, and then they got married that night in the convent chapel of Krista's church, with close friends and family in attendance. "Her dad walked her down the aisle and did the father-daughter dance with her in her parents' backyard," she says.

In the photo that kicks off our "real weddings of the weekend" slideshow below, Nick and Krista dance their first dance which, Buckley wrote, "made Krista's dad's wish come true."

Click through the slideshow below to see Krista and Nick, along with more real couples who got married this past weekend. (Don't forget to tweet your photos to @HuffPostWedding or email them to!)

Real Weddings of the Weekend