05/01/2012 03:18 pm ET | Updated May 01, 2012

Angelina and Angelica Sabuco; Conjoined Twins Are Honored At Celebration With Doctors And Nurses Who Saved Them (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A celebration was held yesterday at Stanford University's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in honor of Angelina and Angelica Sabuco, the 2-year-olds, who, until a few months ago, were conjoined. The twins are doing excellently six months after they underwent a surgery that separated them.

The girls, who were joined at the chest and abdomen, have been fitted with custom-made plates to make up for their missing sternums. One of their doctors, plastic surgeon Peter Lorenz, said they will outgrow most signs that they were ever conjoined.

The surgery took 10 hours and the girls were in the hospital for two weeks. The doctors and nurses who cared for them were thrilled to see them and how well they were doing.

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Angelina and Angelica Sabuco