An Easy Way To Make More Flavorful Pesto (VIDEO)

05/02/2012 09:09 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

Most people know pesto -- it's just herbs (usually basil), nuts (usually pine nuts) and parmesan cheese with olive oil. It's great on pasta, spread on sandwiches or used as a topping on pizza. But if someone told you there was a better way to make pesto, would you try it?

"Bon Appetit" editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport has a method he learned in Liguria, Italy, where pesto originates. What he does differently than what we've seen before is blanch the basil in boiling water. This brings out the herb's flavor and sets the bright green color (no one ever likes black pesto).

After shocking the basil in ice water and patting it dry, the basil goes into the food processor with the pine nuts, cheese and a bit of pasta cooking water. After the ingredients are pureed, scrape them out into a bowl and add olive oil, slowly swirling it in (instead of processing it in the machine). The end result is a pesto that's so much more flavorful and a vibrant shade of green -- with this method you'll be making pesto all season long.

Do you have a new way to make pesto or any other classic recipe? Let us know below.

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