05/01/2012 11:59 am ET

Robin Williams: Louis C.K. Is 'Combination Of Carlin And Richard Pryor' (VIDEO)

At the Second Annual Comedy Awards presented by Comedy Central on Saturday night, Robin Williams was honored with the Stand-Up Icon Award. But in a pre-show interview with The Huffington Post, he singled out two other comics, Patton Oswalt and Louis C.K., as two of the best and funniest comics working today.

"I hope it's Louie-palooza tonight," the Oscar-winning actor said. "I hope Patton wins, because he deserves it too. It's hard, because the guys are so good, you just want to put them in a room and [have them] fight over it."

Oswalt and C.K. were both nominated for "Comedy Special of the Year," with C.K. ultimately winning for his experimentally-marketed "Live at the Beacon Theatre." Oswalt, who like Williams spent much time in the San Francisco comedy scene, was nominated for his special "Finest Hour."

When asked why C.K. has become such a prominent stand-up comedian over the last several years, Williams immediately credited his work ethic along with his comedic brilliance. "He's like a combination of [George] Carlin and Richard Pryor," Williams said, comparing the "Louie" auteur to two of the most revered comedians of all time.

Evidently The Comedy Awards voting body agreed -- Louis C.K. ended up winning a total of four awards on Saturday.