Bike Race Crash Footage From Rock Lititz Tour Goes Viral (VIDEO)

05/02/2012 04:11 pm ET

After watching the above clip, you'll have a hard time believing that the cyclists (and pedestrians) involved in this pileup weren't more seriously injured.

In the final lap of the Category 4 criterium at the Rock Lititz Tour in Pennsylvania on Sunday, the race leader took a corner a little too fast and plowed into one of the protective barriers flanking course. About a half dozen riders following went down behind the leader, causing a pileup on the final stretch of the course.

Rich Ruoff, race director of the Rock Lititz Tour, told The Huffington Post that despite how nasty the crash looks, the first racer who went down suffered only a minor concussion and required two stitches. Ruoff said that after taking a couple of days off, the rider returned to work on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that this was a mostly amateur race (there was one professional category), the clip has been making the rounds online, from Deadspin to the Telegraph in the UK.

The Category 4 pileup wasn't the only crash to be caught on video. During the Category 3 race, the leader, a rider from the University of Delaware, also crashed out during the final lap.

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