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Posted: 05/02/12 03:02 PM ET  |  Updated: 05/02/12 03:08 PM ET

Prom Apps: Use Your iPhone To Get Ready For The Big Night!

By Marissa Piazzola

If you're worried that you'll forget to check in with your parents, who will be waiting by the phone on prom night, don't worry: there's an app for that. In fact, we've recently discovered that there's an iPhone app for pretty much everything related to prom. Whether you're brainstorming ways to ask your date to the big dance or agonizing over the details of your outfit, we've rounded up eight fun apps to help you out while prepping for the big night.

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  • PromGuide

    Prom-goers can browse through dresses, tuxedos, shoes and many more accessories in PromGuide and craft the perfect outfit.

  • Prom Ping

    You can stay safe on the big night and keep your parents aware of your location using Prom Ping. By entering your evening schedule and setting up a list of email and SMS numbers, the app will remind you to send updates to your parents throughout the night.

  • Ask 2 Dance

    Need some inspiration for asking your dream date to prom? This app has tons of creative ideas for how to pop the question.

  • Tux: The Tuxedo Builder

    Guys can build the ultimate tuxedo using different styles and colors in Tux: The Tuxedo Builder. Instead of going out blindly and shopping for your outfit, the app can help paint a picture in your head of what you should be looking for.

  • Flirt Prom

    <a href="" target="_hplink">This app</a> is one big slideshow of dress inspirations. With tons of different styles, lengths and colors, you can mark and save your favorite options.

  • iFrockUp

    If you're one of the social butterflies invited to multiple formal events, iFrockUp allows you organize the dates of the different events as well as the outfits you're going to wear to each. It will even help you mix and match shoes and accessories so you don't need to spend unnecessary money.

  • Camera360

    You can do some of your own professional photography with Camera 360, which allows you to improve and enhance photos taken with your phone.

  • Wedding & Prom Hairstyles

    Rather than spend hours trying different hairstyles on yourself, this app allows you take a photo of yourself and apply different hairstyles electronically.


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