Bear & Two Cubs Stuck In A Tree In Altadena, Calif. (VIDEO)

05/03/2012 06:47 pm ET

A mama bear and her two cubs have been sleeping and hanging out in a tree above a neighborhood near Altadena, Calif. Thursday, and they show no signs of tiring of their new home.

Kinneloa Mesa homeowners first spotted the bears in their driveway early Thursday morning, reports Altadena Patch, and by 9:30 a.m. the black bear trio had climbed up into a nearby tree. They have been napping and relaxing there ever since.

For more photos of the mama bear and her cubs, go to Altadena Patch.

"They're waking up from their winter hibernation," explained a Fish and Game representative to CBS2. "We had a warm spell, I believe, about a week ago, and that really brought them out."

The bears won't be brought down by tranquilizer darts or other means, reports CBS2, because they aren't perceived as a threat to the community. Instead, officials are waiting to see if the bears will come down on their own and leave the area.


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