05/03/2012 05:26 pm ET

D.C. Farmers Markets Ramp Up For Height Of Spring Produce Season (PHOTOS)

WASHINGTON -- Thursday's season opening of the White House Farmers Market on Vermont Avenue marks the unofficial start of open-air produce markets in the nation's capital.

For consumers that want to support local agriculture, there's no better option than shopping at the city's various farmers markets.

Some markets, like Foggy Bottom's, have already started, while some start this weekend and the rest will all be in operation on Mother's Day weekend. Dupont Circle's FreshFarm market runs year round.

Want to enjoy all the goodness that comes with farmers market shopping? Plan ahead. Most take both cash and credit cards but all have limited supplies of produce.

Check out the slideshow below to find out what D.C. market might be best for you.

DC Farmers Markets