05/03/2012 12:29 pm ET | Updated May 03, 2012

Hoda, Kathie Lee Get Plastic Surgery On 'Today' (VIDEO)

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Kathie Lee and Hoda subjected themselves to plastic surgery live on-air in a very different hour of "Today" on Thursday.

The co-hosts said they were doing the "plastic surgery extravaganza" — entitled "Needles, Knives or Nothing: Kathie Lee and Hoda's Guide To Getting Work Done" — to satisfy viewers' curiosity about cosmetic procedures. They called themselves "human guinea pigs" for the day. Kathie Lee and Hoda rode onto the set in hospital beds wearing gowns and caps on Thursday.

Kathie Lee said that they would be showing viewers five procedures on-air. "Especially one that you guys are gonna be dying to know about, I think, because we've teased it before," Hoda said excitedly.

Sitting at the anchor desk, she got her one of her arms shaved in preparation for laser hair removal. Meanwhile, Kathie Lee had numbing cream on her forehead for an eyebrow lift procedure.

"Not the first time you've done this," Kathie Lee told Dr. Patricia Wexler as the doctor wiped the cream off.

"No, won't be the last either," Wexler replied.

Watch the two co-hosts having work done in the clip above, and getting ready for the procedures in the clip below.

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Kathie Lee and Hoda's plastic surgery show