05/04/2012 11:42 am ET

Joliet High School Hazing: Girls' Soccer Team Under Investigation (VIDEO)

A girls soccer team in Joliet, Ill. is in hot water after photos surfaced depicting players binding other girls with plastic wrap and smearing their faces with makeup and whipped cream.

The photos apparently depict an "initiation" in a motel in Freeport over the weekend, where the Joliet Township High School team had traveled for a tournament, according to CBS Chicago. Parents told the station that after the photos began circulating on Facebook, the school suspended the coach and several students involved.

The school is working with Freeport police, who are investigating the incident, the Joliet Herald-News reports. Freeport detective Lt. Brian Kuntzelman confirmed that the April 27 incident involved members of the Joliet soccer team, and that plastic wrap was used.

"I was just disgusted to find out this type of thing happened," Xochilt Correa, a mother who was at Joliet West Wednesday picking up her kids, told CBS News. "If it sends a message, then it sends the right message that it will not be tolerated."

The school has issued statements confirming that they're investigating the matter and asserting that they do not tolerate hazing, but has not responded to specific questions about the incident.