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Marriage Arguments: Couples Argue About Money The Most, Survey Shows

Posted: 05/04/2012 6:41 pm Updated: 05/07/2012 6:28 am

All couples argue, but what are couples fighting about the most?

According to a recent survey from the American Institute of CPAs, money is the most common reason married or cohabiting couples fight.

Of over 1,000 American adults polled in a national telephone survey, 27 percent of participants said that disagreements over finances were most likely to erupt into an argument -- not children, chores, work or friends.

The survey also found that couples average three arguments a month about financial issues.

Researchers believe that the conflict may stem from failing to discuss money on a regular basis. Fifty-five percent of those surveyed who were married or living with a partner said that they don't regularly set aside time to talk about financial issues.

For that reason, says HuffPost Weddings blogger and financial expert Jennifer Calandra, couples should have a financial conversation before they exchange their "I Dos."

"One of the biggest roadblocks we see is a lack of communication about finances, which seems to get worse as the years go on," she wrote in January. "Make it a point to establish your level of expectation from the beginning regarding communication. It will help significantly as time goes on."

Below, five other reasons couples fight, according to AICPA data:

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  • Unexpected Expenses

    Nearly half of couples surveyed argued over unexpected expenses.

  • Insufficient Savings

    More than one-third of couples fought about insufficient savings.

  • Deceitful Financial Behavior

    Three in 10 married or cohabiting adults have hidden purchases or made major purchases without telling their partners

  • Financial Arguments Rise With Age

    Couples aged 45 to 54 argue an average of four times per month about finances.

  • A Change In Financial Status

    For more than half of couples whose financial status had declined over the last year, financial disagreements caused major arguments.

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