05/10/2012 03:33 pm ET Updated May 08, 2013

Worst Mother's Day Gifts: Things NEVER To Buy For Mom (PHOTOS)

Almost one in three moms pretend to like their Mother's Day gifts, an online poll conducted by Harris Interactive has found. Don't want the mom in your life be part of that statistic? Follow a few simple rules:

Rule No. 1: Get her what she wants, not what she needs. So she's been eyeballing that deluxe dishwasher in Sears because the one in your kitchen is busted? Mother's Day is not the time to make cleaning dreams come true. She says she "needs" to tone those arms? Let her pick out her own Shake Weight. (Exception to the rule: Sleep. She wants it and she needs it and we've got proof.)

Rule No. 2: Avoid "gifts" that are more work for her than anyone else. Glittery handmade cards are lovely and sentimental, but loose glitter doesn't seem so shiny when it lingers in the carpet for weeks to come. Think twice before you surprise her with a new puppy. Who's going to feed it? Walk it? Train it? If the answer is mom, walk away from the pooch.

When in doubt: A day at the spa never fails.

Below, the 14 gifts that should never make it onto your Mother's Day shopping list (though most were found on retailers' recommended "Gifts For Mom" sections).

Worst Mother's Day Gifts
Worst Mother's Day Gifts