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Angels Fans Fight In Stands During Game Against Blue Jays (VIDEO)

Posted: 05/07/2012 10:19 am Updated: 05/07/2012 10:19 am

Angels Fans Fight
Angels fans fight in the stands during a game against the Blue Jays.

A couple of Angels fans were escorted out of the stadium during the team's game against the Blue Jays on Saturday after a fight broke out in the outfield stands.

In the video above, two women wearing Angels gear appear to get in a shoving match. After one of the women threw a punch, another woman intervened from behind, dragging the puncher down by her hair.

A male fan, who appeared to be with the woman who threw the initial punch, jumped in the middle of the melee and stopped the fight. A stadium employee kicked both the man and the woman who threw that punch out of the stadium.

There have already been a number of fan fights at baseball games and we're only a month into the season.

Just last week, a Red Sox fan tumbled down the steps after she engaged in a fight with a row full of Yankees fans during a game in which the Red Sox weren't even playing.

Earlier in the season, several fans were videotaped fighting during a the Blue Jays' home opener.


Filed by Michael Klopman  |