05/07/2012 02:15 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

DIY Mother's Day Gifts: Make This Personalized Fingerprint Necklace

This Sunday, show Mom your love with a piece of personalized jewelry as unique as, well...yourself. While pendant necklaces can be very expensive, you can get the same look at a fraction of the price with this clay-based fingerprint necklace. It's a simple, yet lovely piece that she can wear long after the holiday. Ready to try this special DIY Mother's Day gift idea? Keep reading for the simple how-to.

fingerprint necklace

Photo by Sarah Ortega

To make the pendant, roll a piece of oven-bake clay into a small ball. Using a pen as a mini roller, slightly smooth out the clay. Next, press one finger into the clay. Make sure you're able to see the details of the fingerprint. Then, make a small hole at the top of the clay with a needle. Now, you're ready to place the clay in the oven to bake, per the brand's instructions. Once cooled, spray the hardened clay with a metallic-colored paint, and when dry, seal it with clear gloss polyurethane. (Tip: The blogger found that acrylic spray didn't coat as well.) Finally, insert a jump ring through the hole and attach the necklace chain.

For the full tutorial, head over to Sarah Ortega.

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