05/07/2012 04:12 pm ET

'Avengers' Music: Superhero Songs To Turbo-Power Your Week!

Superheroes don't need a pick-me-up to make it through Monday, but the rest of us mere mortals do every now and then. With the record-breaking opening of The Avengers this weekend bringing our obsession with comic book characters to an all-time high, we were inspired to put together a Music Monday playlist of our favorite superhero-related songs. From original scores like "The Batman Theme" to rock anthems like "Kryptonite," these high-octane jams will leave you feeling invincible from the time the alarm clock sounds all the way through soccer practice.

What's your favorite song from The Avengers soundtrack? Which tunes make you feel super-powerful? Tell us in the comments below or tweet your #SuperheroSong picks @HuffPostTeen!

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