"Sex and the City" viewers will remember the scene where Charlotte York writes off a guy who buys her carnations, while Carrie Bradshaw would "throw away a guy for wearing Docksiders or Topsiders or any of the above."

As openminded as we'd like to be, everyone's got their style deal breakers, those men's fashion faux pas that have us bolting the other direction. This writer, for example, has a virulently strong aversion to pleated pants -- khakis in particular. For others, it's too-saggy pants or sophomoric graphic tees.

Of course, as Charlotte pointed out on "Sex and The City," "None of that matters with the right guy." But until the right guy comes along, men should take note. Here's a roundup of some of our biggest style deal breakers. Tell us if you agree or disagree -- and submit your own!

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  • Jorts

    Diana, Stylelist Home Associate Editor: "Grown men should not wear jean shorts! Only Zack Morris (from 'Saved By The Bell') could pull it off ... and even then, just barely..."

  • Ed Hardy

    Brie, Stylelist/Stylelist Home Senior Editor: "I'd never in a million years date someone who wore any iteration of Ed Hardy/Tapout clothing. It's like wearing a sign that says 'Jerk.'"

  • Flip-flops

    Dickson, Stylelist Home Editor: "Flip-flops. There are so many other options."

  • Sports Jerseys

    Rebecca, Stylelist Intern: "I think sports jerseys are the true mark of a fashionably clueless dude."

  • Saggy Pants

    Dana, Stylelist Beauty Editor: "I absolutely will not allow my boyfriend to rock skinny, saggy pants. I don't need any girls checking out what he's working with from the front OR back."

  • T-Shirts

    Anya, Stylelist/Stylelist Home/HuffPost Style Editor-in-Chief: "T-shirts in general, short- and long-sleeved. And zip-up hoodies. And jeans. I like a man to dress like a grown-up, not a boy."

  • Dress Shoes With White Socks

    Sarah, Stylelist Associate Editor: "Dress shoes with white socks. I dated a guy who did that constantly, and when I bought him new socks, he didn't take the hint."

  • Manpris (Man Capris)

    Jessica, HuffPost Style Editor: "Manpris! *barf*"

  • Deep V-Necks

    Michelle, HuffPost Style Intern: "I don't need to see your cleavage."

  • Socks With Sandals

    Simone, Stylelist Senior Beauty Editor: "Can't stand those Adidas sandals. Especially with socks. Mark Zuckerberg basically."