The Magnetic Fields Release 'Quick!' Off 'Love At The Bottom Of The Sea' (VIDEO)

05/08/2012 12:23 pm ET | Updated May 08, 2012

In "Quick!," the Magnetic Fields' second video for their 2012 album Love At The Bottom Of The Sea, a man and woman fall in love not at the bottom of the sea but at the bottom of two trash cans they call home. Stereogum points out a connection between the characters' credited names, "Ada" and "Blom," and a little-known 19th century writer, Ada Blom, who wrote a quirky confessional memoir about her romances, titled "The Biography Of A New York Hotel Scrub."

Who knows if the connection was intended, but there's a definite 19th century look to the video, directed by James Spinney, not least due to the fact that trash can lids when strapped to the head look an awful lot like fancy hats. Also, MF frontman Stephen Merritt (whose voice is absent from "Quick!"s lineup of Shirley Simms joined by Claudia Gonson) famously loves a good quirky romance. When last we saw him, he was spinning stoically in place for "Andrew In Drag," the video for Merritt's very Merritt song about a man in love with his best friend's drag self.

WATCH "Quick!" below:

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