#ReasonsToSayAmen: Netizens Tweet Reasons To Say Amen

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There are many reasons to say "Amen." "Amen" means "so be it," is found in the Hebrew Bible and is said by Jews, Christians and Muslims to express strong agreement after a blessing is recited. Muslims often say "Amen" after saying Surat Al-Faitha. Christians end their prayers with "Amen." Jews recite "Amen" communally to affirm the blessing of the prayer reader and after kaddish.

This morning netizens took to Twitter saying "Amen" and expressing their gratitude to God for various reasons ranging from a new day to health to love. HuffPost Religion has collected the best 10 tweets.

We want to hear from you. Why do you want to say "Amen"? Add your tweet to this collection by clicking on "add a slide" or by tweeting to @HuffPostRelig with #ReasonsToSayAmen.

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