East LA Hipsters Targeted In New Meg Myers Music Video

05/09/2012 06:38 pm ET | Updated Oct 25, 2012

Does driving through Echo Park fill you with simmering rage against all things indie and twee?

Alt-rocker Meg Myers feels you, and her latest music video for the anti-hipster anthem "Tennessee" wages an all-out assault on everyone you love to hate: grown women playing with hula hoops, men who think headbands are cool and pretty much anyone with a moustache tattoo on their finger.

The only problem? Seeing an edgy singer in skinny jeans play shoot 'em up with a retro childhood toy just seems a little... hipster.

Watch the video and judge for yourself: is Myers having a little self-conscious fun, or is she seriously deluded about what she looks like, and who her audience is?

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