05/10/2012 04:08 pm ET

Betabrand's Executive Pinstripe Hoodie Arrives Just In Time For Facebook IPO (PHOTOS)

Mark Zuckerberg took some heat earlier this week for wearing his signature hoodie to a meeting with potential investors.

But maybe he would have been taken more seriously if he had been sporting Betabrand's new Executive Pinstripe Hoodie, which the San Francisco-based online clothing company calls "a revolutionary business-casual — or casual-business, if you prefer — breakthrough."


Chris Lindland, the founder and CEO of Betabrand, told The Huffington Post in an email that the company introduced the concept in February through its online "Think Tank," a place where the company gauges "interest in prototype products."

Lindland told HuffPost that "the response to this hoodie was huge. So we put 'em into production and we're starting to ship 'em next week."

"We realized it nicely synched up with Facebook's IPO," he added.

The sweater, which is dry-clean only, is made of "100% superfine merino wool, the same exquisite fabric found in fancy-schmancy tailored suits," according to the Betabrand description. It retails for $148.

So all you need is $148, a pair of quirky startup socks, and you could be the next big Silicon Valley startup guy.

Executive Pinstripe Hoodie