05/10/2012 05:30 pm ET

The White House In New York Would Be City's Most Expensive Private Home, According To MOVOTO (INFOGRAPHIC)

In case anyone anywhere needed anymore proof that New York City is a prohibitively expensive place to live, consider this hypothetical question: Were the White House to be moved to the Big Apple, how much would it cost?

The folks over at MOVOTO consulted Jason Koitz of the Koitz Group to see just how much the historic, 55,000 square foot, 132-room, 35-bath, 6-level house would fetch on the DC market last week. Koitz estimated the presidential property would list for $110 to $115 million and sell for $75-$80 million.

In estimating prices outside DC, MOVOTO used Koitz's numbers with "the median price per square foot of residences in each metro area."

And so, were the White House to be transported from DC to New York (maybe they could do it like the Enterprise?), it would very hypothetically list for...$387 million!

That's right, two-and-a-half times more expensive than New York's current most expensive listing.

The One57 penthouse in Midtown is listed at $115 million. Maybe that can be Joe Biden's new home?

In second place fot the country's hypothetically most expensive White House listing is San Francisco, which would list at a cool $147 million.

Take a look at the nifty little MOVOTO infographic below to see how much the White House would cost in your city.