05/11/2012 05:07 pm ET

Adopt Two Small Pets, Who Happen To Named After Past U.S. Presidents, For The Price Of One (PHOTOS)

Hamsters and U.S. Presidents may not have more in common than a need for oxygen but we've had the 2012 elections on our minds and noticed that there is an abundance of hamsters named for presidents predating Abraham Lincoln in need of homes.

So if you find yourself unable or unwilling to commit to a more traditional house pet like a cat or dog, consider taking one of these all-American hamsters home with you and earn some points for patriotism. Plus at the Denver Dumb Friends League, you can adopt two small pets for the price of one.

Can you imagine a hamster named after J.Q. Adams or Zachary Taylor homeless on election night?


Adoptable Hamsters In Denver Named After Presidents