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BIll O'Reilly: Mitt Romney Prep School Story 'Means Nothing' (VIDEO)

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Bill O'Reilly dismissed the prep school story that has shaken up Mitt Romney's campaign, calling it "dumb" on his Friday show.

The Washington Post story reported that a teenaged Romney held down a then-closeted gay student and cut his long hair. Romney apologized for the incident, although he said he did not remember it having taken place. Conservatives questioned the relevance of the report, which the Post held for a day. They also lambasted the Post for some of the details it had to clarify subsequently.

O'Reilly clearly saw the whole thing as a non-issue. He said it didn't matter if Romney "hazed a gay guy in prep school," calling the report "dumb" and adding that "everybody does stupid things in high school." Recalling a time when he shot someone in the back with a BB gun, he joked, "I hope I can keep my job."

O'Reilly said that someone's teenage years should not be up for discussion.

"If, while Governor of Massachussetts, Romney shaved Barney Frank's head, then you might have a story," he said. "...The Romney story means nothing, period."

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