'Desperate Housewives' Series Finale: 10 Latinos Who Helped Make The Show Must-See TV

05/13/2012 08:51 am ET
  • Lee Hernandez Editorial Director & Co-President at EXCLUSIVLee.com

When "Desperate Housewives" premiered on ABC in the fall of 2004, many Latinos instantly fell in love with Gabrielle Solis, an affluent and wealthy Latina played by Mexican-American actress, Eva Longoria.

For many Latinos, Gaby represented something we rarely saw in primetime network television - a well-spoken, successful Latina character, in a lead role, who didn't have an accent and wasn't reduced to playing a stereotype.

Many non-Latino viewers were also smitten with the character - a former model turned housewife who has an affair with her teenage gardener.

The popularity of the Gaby character made it possible for other well-known Latino actors to guest star on the show, including veteran actors like Tony Plana ("Ugly Betty"), Maria Conchita Alonso and Lupe Ontiveros, as well as many others.

Longoria also opened the door for other Latina stars to join ABC, including America Ferrera and Ana Ortiz ("Ugly Betty"), Sara Ramirez ("Grey's Anatomy"), Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family") and more recently, Lana Parrilla ("Once Upon A Time").

And with "Desperate Housewives" airing its series finale tonight at 9/8c (ABC), we thought we'd pay homage to the show that featured so many amazing Latino stars, by taking a walk down memory lane (or should we say, Wisteria Lane).

Thanks "Desperate Housewives" for bringing more Latino stars to primetime.


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