05/13/2012 11:55 am ET

The 'History Of Whistling' In Music (VIDEO)

Music video experimental group cdza (who you may know from "History of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics") covers the brief past of whistling in music in their video "History of Whistling" by, well, whistling.

"History of Whistling" is a three and a half minute, single shot of 26 songs that include whistling spanning 98 years. The video features serious expert whistler Eric Rivera accompanied by a couple musicians.

In the video, Rivera whistles songs like Lt. F.J. Ricketts from 1914 all the way up to Maroon 5's "Move Like Jagger" from 2011. It's a comprehensive, hilarious, and impressive sweep of the history of whistling in music.

Watch below for "History of Whistling:"


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