05/14/2012 02:04 pm ET

Misty Baker, Mother, And Amber Pluckebaum, Gestational Surrogate, Both Pregnant With Twins (VIDEO)

After trying to get pregnant for nearly a decade, Misty Baker finally got her wish: She's having twins.

But her friend and gestational surrogate, Amber Pluckebaum, is also pregnant with twins, meaning Misty and her husband, Brian, will be welcoming four babies into their household in June.

While the news took the Bakers by surprise, the Seattle couple is excited to finally expand their family.

"When it's taken you 10 years to get what you have longed for and desired for so long, it's an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and joy," Misty Baker told the Los Angeles Times.

Over the years, Misty's attempts to conceive were mostly unsuccessful, with one pregnancy resulting in miscarriage.

The couple eventually turned their sights away from in vitro fertilization and toward gestational surrogacy, a process in which the embryo is implanted into another woman's uterus.

For the Bakers, that woman would be Pluckebaum, a friend of Misty who lives in Indiana.

While Pluckebaum was delighted to learn her friend was pregnant, she told RTV6 she temporarily felt a bit out of place carrying two babies herself, according to RTV-6.

"I was like, 'Well now I feel like what's my point?' What's my purpose, because at first, it was Misty can't get pregnant, so we need me," Pluckebaum told the station. "Well, do you still need me? You know, and the doctor said, 'Well, she wouldn't be pregnant without you.'"

Although the Bakers live in Washington and Pluckebaum lives in Indiana, Misty is hopeful the distance won't affect her relationship with her two other children.

"I know these babies know my voice, and they know Brian's voice. And our babies there, don't as much. But they will," Misty told KOMO News.

As the women's due dates draw near, friends and family have been pitching in to make sure the Bakers are all set for their new arrivals, KOMO reports.

After all, it's going to be all hands on deck once the babies -- three girls and a boy -- make their way home.