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George W. Bush: 'I'm For Mitt Romney'

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Former President George W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney on Tuesday, reports ABC News.

"I'm for Mitt Romney," he said to ABC News as an elevator closed on him following a speech in Washington, D.C.

Bush joins his father, mother and brother in endorsing the former Massachusetts governor.

"I haven't met with President George W. Bush. We speak from time to time," said Romney in March when asked about a possible endorsement.

The Associated Press also noted that the 43rd president could end up being a liability:

While largely unspoken, both sides acknowledge that Republicans would be best served by not reminding voters of the Bush legacy of gaping budget deficits, two wars and record low approval ratings. His eight-year presidency has merited no more than a fleeting reference from Romney and his rivals in debates, campaign stops and interviews.

Andrea Mitchell asked Romney adviser Kevin Madden about the endorsement Tuesday on MSNBC. "Sure! We've always said that we were happy to have George W. Bush," he responded.

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George W. Bush endorses: 'I'm for Mitt Romney'

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