05/16/2012 05:24 am ET

'Celebrities At Home': Lisa Vanderpump Shows Off Her Opulent Bathroom (VIDEO)

On "Celebrities At Home" (Tue., 8 p.m. ET on HGTV) Tuesday night viewers got a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of "Real Housewives" star Lisa Vanderpump.

Surveying the vast expanse of white marble and mirrors in her jaw-droppingly extravagant bathroom, she said "I know it’s decadent. I know it’s ridiculous. But," she added, "I’m really, really happy I did it. Because I spend a lot of time here."

The blingtastic decadence continued in the rest of the house with tons more marble, mirrors and crystal throughout.

Check out more houses of the rich and famous on "Celebrities At Home," Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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