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John Travolta's Masseur Accuser Hires Gloria Allred

Posted: Updated: 05/16/2012 2:57 pm

John Travolta

Looks like John Doe #1, the first anonymous masseur to accuse John Travolta of sexual battery and harassment, won't be without legal counsel for long.

As People magazine is reporting, John Doe #1 -- identified in court documents only as a Texas-based masseur -- has hired famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred to represent him.

"Mr. Doe's lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice which means that he is still legally entitled to file another lawsuit against John Travolta if he chooses," Allred told People. "We are in the process of conferring with him regarding the next steps, which he may wish to take. Our client and our firm has no further comment at this time."

Allred's announcement comes on the heels of yesterday's news that John Doe #1 had filed papers to dismiss his lawsuit against the actor, TMZ is reporting. According to the site, the dismissal papers were filed yesterday morning in California.

The masseur -- who initially claimed that Travolta had not only masturbated in front of him at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but also suggested a threesome with "a Hollywood starlet" -- had been seeking $2 million in punitive damages.

The sexual battery and harassment claims against Travolta made by John Doe #1 began to crumble last week when the alleged victim admitted he'd gotten the date of his supposed encounter with Travolta wrong. Although John Doe #1 maintained that the attack still happened (but on an earlier date), Los Angeles-based attorney Okorie Okorocha dropped him as a client regardless.

"Okorocha did not feel he could represent John Doe #1 going forward anymore and recommend him finding another lawyer," a source exclusively told "He is still representing John Doe #2 other alleged victims who are possibly coming forward."

Meanwhile, Travolta's attorney Marty Singer has vehemently denied the allegations as "complete fiction and fabrication," according to E! Online.

Allred, of course, is no stranger to high-profile clients. Among those who've sought her legal advice are transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova, who was initially disqualified from the Miss Universe pageant, Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown, Britney Spears' former bodyguard and Scott Peterson's mistress Ambey Frey.

Take a look at some of Allred's best-known cases below:

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  • Jenna Talackova, 2012

    Allred fought on behalf of Talackova, the transgender Canadian beauty queen who was disqualified from the Miss Universe pageant, which is owned by Donald Trump's company. "She is female on her driver's license, on her passport, on her birth certificate, and she's recognized in Canada as a woman," Allred said at the time. "She has always thought of herself as a woman."

  • Alison Fournier, 2011

    Fournier, 31, filed a lawsuit against Helsinki's Hotel Kamp after she was allegedly sexually assaulted at the hotel when a drunk man was able to easily obtain a key to her room from the front desk without providing any identification

  • Cristina Fierro, 2011

    In late 2011, Allred announced a civil lawsuit filed by Fierro against football great Lawrence Taylor. Taylor allegedly paid to have sex from Fierro, a child victim of sex trafficking.

  • Sharon Bialek, 2011

    Allred represented Bialek, who accused former Republican presidential contender Herman Cain of making an unwanted sexual advance against her in 1997. At the time, Bialek also said she wants to provide "a face and a voice" to support other accusers who have so far remained anonymous.

  • Debrahlee Lorenzana, 2010

    In 2007, Allred represented Lorenzana, a woman who says she was fired from her banking job after complaining that male colleagues called her curvaceous figure "too attractive" and therefore distracting.

  • Tiger Woods' First Mistress Rachel Uchitel, 2009

    Allred negotiated a $10 million settlement for Tiger Woods' alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel, which went through mere HOURS before Uchitel was going to hold a "tell-all news conference" about the golf star, <a href="" target="_hplink">according to Perez Hilton</a>. However, when Allred <a href="" target="_hplink">reportedly counseled</a> Uchitel to return most of the settlement money because she may have violated the confidentiality clause by seeking help (and a paycheck) for her "addiction to love" on "Celebrity Rehab" -- even though she never spoke of Woods specifically -- she hired another lawyer to prepare a malpractice action against Allred

  • Britney Spears' Former Bodyguard, 2007

    In 2007, Allred got involved with the heated battle between pop princess Britney Spears and former husband Kevin Federline when she represented Spears' ex-bodyguard, who testified about conditions at the star's house during custody hearings.

  • Scary Spice, 2007

    In 2007, Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown hired Allred as she sought to legally establish Eddie Murphy as the father of her daughter.

  • Laura Boyce, 2008

    In 2008, Laura Boyce countersued Rob Lowe and his wife for sexual harassment.

  • Amber Frey, 2004

    Allred represented Scott Peterson's mistress Amber Frey as Peterson faced charges of murdering his wife, Laci Rocha Peterson, and unborn son Connor. He was later convicted.

  • Brittany Ashland, 1997

    Allred represented Brittany Ashland. Charlie Sheen eventually pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery against her.

  • Nicole Brown Simpson's Family, 1997

    Allred represented Nicole Brown Simpson's family during the O.J. Simpson trial.

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