How satisfied are we with our sex lives? And what do we really want in the bedroom? These aren’t new questions, but they’re the ones that FITNESS Magazine and Yahoo! Shine sought to answer when they conducted a survey of American adults focusing on their “between the sheets” thoughts, desires and behaviors.

The online survey looked at 1,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 64 throughout the U.S, turning up some interesting results about the way men and women view their own sex lives. Women’s sexuality has been an especially hot topic this year in the media with the release of television shows and films that focus on the subject (see Lena Dunham’s controversial sex scenes on “Girls” or the Maggie Gylenhaal-helmed movie“Hysteria,” about the invention of the vibrator.) What pop culture and the FITNESS and Yahoo! Shine survey indicate is that we can put to rest once and for all the myth that women aren’t as frisky as their male counterparts. Fifty percent of the women surveyed said they wanted to be having more sex.

The results seem to align with those of a survey released in February that showed women were more likely than men to consider bad sex a relationship dealbreaker. Other recent confirmation that women are sexual beings includes the boom in the sex toy industry over the last few years -- driven in large part by women purchasing vibrators. And while the bestselling erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey,” has a solid male fan base, women are its target audience and have driven its success.

In addition to confirming that women are, in fact, sexual, the FITNESS and Yahoo! Shine sex survey yielded these 6 pearls:

(Click over to FITNESS Magazine or Yahoo! Shine to see the full results of the survey.)

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  • Dinner And Wine Is The Best Turn-On

    Looking for ways to get in the mood? The survey showed that a good old-fashioned dinner date does the trick. The majority of men and women ranked dinner and wine above a sexy movie, a sexy text or phone call, and invigorating exercise. However, there was an age gap when it came to mobile communication. Participants between 18 and 34 were more likely to be turned on by a text, email or phone call than older adults.

  • Verbal Affirmation Is Important To Women

    Forty-four percent of women said that they get turned on when their partner says "I love you." Only twenty-six percent reported the same reaction to being told, "You are so hot."

  • People Want More Time For Sex ... And Sleep

    When asked what they would do if given an extra hour in the day, 35 percent of participants said "have great sex," while 20 percent said "catch up on sleep." Very few people were interested in using that extra time to exercise or catch up on work. However, men were almost twice as likely as women to choose sex.

  • All It Takes Is 42 Minutes

    When participants were asked how long their "lovemaking sessions" lasted, the average reported was 42 minutes. However, men were more likely to say that their sessions lasted longer (around 45 minutes) than women (39 minutes). The survey also indicated that being single might actually prolong your romps -- people not in relationships reported that they usually had sex for around 45 minutes. And while 65 percent of women were satisfied with the length of their sexual escapades, men were less likely to be pleased.

  • Women Are Down With "Sex Talk"

    Nearly half of the women surveyed (42 percent) said that they had "talked dirty" on the phone to a romantic interest.

  • Most Women Have Consistent Sex Lives

    Sixty-nine percent of women said that they have sex between one and three times a week. (You go, you!)