With all the myriad kitchen cleaning products on the market, it can get awfully confusing -- there's practically a cleaner for every surface. But even so, is it really that safe to be using all those harsh chemicals in a kitchen where you spend your time cooking and eating? It makes much more sense to go the natural route and use items you already have in the house -- ones that can clean without making you sick. Many people know about the power of vinegar, lemon juice and salt, but we've got more great cleaning products that you would have never guessed worked -- and the best part is, they're all foods.

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  • Banana Peel

    Use a banana peel to polish your silverware -- blend the peels with a little bit of water to make a polishing paste.

  • Cucumber

    Use cucumber slices to polish stainless steel pots, pans or your faucet and sink. Also use it to remove marks from walls -- it works like an eraser.

  • Onions

    Get your grill piping hot and use an onion half (stuck onto the prongs of a long-handled fork) to scrub the grates clean.

  • Tea

    Use your used tea bags (cooled) to clean wood surfaces like cabinets and floors and use the cooled tea as a polish -- the tea's tannins do all the work of cleaning.

  • Walnuts

    Use a walnut half to remove scratches from wood cabinetry or furniture -- its natural oils help lift scratches.

  • Rice

    Use a small amount of rice to clean out your coffee grinder -- just whizz and dump.

  • Ketchup

    Use ketchup to polish all kinds of copper: pots, pans and bowls. The natural acidity of the tomatoes will make the copper shine.

  • Stale Bread

    Use stale bread to clean your spice grinder or coffee grinder -- it will remove any leftover residue and smell.

  • Coffee Grinds

    Use used coffee grinds as a hand scrub or a cleaning scrub for greasy surfaces. You can also use the grinds to deodorize your fridge.

  • Club Soda

    Use club soda to remove stains from fabrics and carpeting. It's also great for cleaning your cast-iron skillet -- just pour some into your hot skillet after cooking and let it work its magic.

  • Olive Oil

    Use olive oil to buff your stainless steel pots and pans. Also use it to clean your cast-iron skillet -- make a paste with some coarse salt and scrub.

  • Salt

    Coarse salt is great as a natural scouring agent. Use it to scrub your wood cutting board (with a lemon half). Pour some table salt onto an oven spill to make it easier to clean up later. Table salt also works to lift a fresh wine stain from a tablecloth -- wash the fabric soon after.

  • Lemon

    The natural acidity of lemons is great for cleaning. Use a lemon half to clean and remove stains from your wood cutting board and use it to polish your copper (with some baking soda). It also works to remove lime scale from your kitchen faucet. Put a lemon half down your garbage disposal to deodorize.

  • Vinegar

    White vinegar can be used as an all-purpose surface cleaner -- for tough cleaning use it straight but for general cleaning halve it with water. Also use vinegar to remove water stains from glasses.

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