It's 2012 and we all know what vajazzling is, right? Right? Fine, here's a refresher.

But thanks to a British reality TV star, there's a new way to sparkle up your skin: "hair vajazzles."

"Hair vajazzles" are both a) a real thing, and b) a new product launched by Amy Childs, a 21-year-old British model and television personality who owns her own beauty salon in Essex and thinks your mane could use a gemstone or two.

Childs, who starred on two seasons of "The Only Way Is Essex" (which is sort of like the UK's "Jersey Shore"), is famous for vajazzling Sam Faiers, one of her co-stars, on the show. Now, she's brought her entrepreneurial spirit to the table.

So, WTF is a "hair vajazzle"? According to UK beauty website Female First: "Attached by applying just a couple of seconds of heat, these gorgeous hair accessories will last up to 7 days making sure that you are looking ‘glam’ - perfect for the upcoming summer proms and parties." So, we suspect it's an updated version of those hair gems we used to stick in our locks in the '90s.

Clad in a glittery catsuit with very well-placed boob vajazzles and a thong, Childs had a photocall on Wednesday for the launch of her very sparkly new product line and showed off the rhinestone appliques in her own hair blonde wig.

But... technically speaking, it's not a "vajazzle" if it's in your hair and not in your general vagina area, no?

Oh well. We're not going to fight this one. Instead, we'll look forward to ankle vajazzles, sideboob vajazzles, laptop vajazzles, 2012 presidential race vajazzles, gluten-free vajazzles and Occupy Vajazzling.

Scope out Amy, her catsuit and the hair vajazzles, and because this product might soon be making the same list, check out the worst fashion inventions ever below.

hair vajazzle

amy childs hair vajazzle


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  • Electric Razor And Vibrator Combo

    For those who want to pleasure themselves in the most dangerous way possible. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Pikaru Baby Carrier Vest

    Perfect for moms who want to look like that guy from "Total Recall." (<a href="">source</a>)

  • "Booty Pop" Butt Inserts

    Everyone will notice your enhanced behind, but probably not in the way you'd like. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Kush Support Breast Separator

    Because for the last 2,000 years large-chested women haven't gotten any sleep at all. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Pink Ladies' Tools

    Because there's no way women will pick up a wrench if it isn't the color of roses. (<a href=""?>source</a>)

  • Breast-Enlarging Treats

    This is one treat you must be REALLY careful not to go overboard on, unless you want to be an A-cup at dinner and a D-cup after dessert. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Go Girl Female Urinal Cup

    Whatever happened to popping a squat? (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Beauty Smile Trainer

    We honestly don't understand how this works. What's more confusing is how she managed that weird smile/frown combo in the "before" photo.

  • Hair Rings

    For $286, you can wear earrings with long strands of real human hair attached. Yeah, we don't get it either. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Thong Jeans

    At $94.29 a pair, these are quite possibly the most expensive route to looking as cheap as possible. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Rejuvinique Face Mask

    Tone your face with this rejuvenating mask! If you haven't already scared everyone away by looking like a serial killer, people will think you look great. (<a href=",0,0">source</a>)

  • Betty Pubic Hair Dye

    Color for the hair "down there." Sure to freak out your partner! (<a href="">source</a>)

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