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'Right By My Side' Video: Nicki Minaj Cozies Up To Chris Brown, Nas

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: Updated: 05/17/2012 9:02 am

Nicki Minaj Right By My Side

She's not marrying Drake this time around, but Nicki Minaj is certainly getting cozy with another big name rapper in the "Right By My Side" video.

Both Brown (who the music industry seems to have deemed worthy of a second change) and Nas make appearances in the video. Though the latter rapper doesn't have a verse on track, he appears for a cigar, some furtive glances and a quick kiss from Minaj herself.

On Twitter, Minaj admitted to being anxious about the peck:

Nicki Minaj
Yes. Very :p ---> RT : were you nervous to kiss Nas? If you were, I sure as hell couldn't tell!

Nicki's verse has its own share of somewhat laughable lines, from graphic exaltations of her own sexual prowess to slightly unusual insults ("It ain't your split game, it's your d--k game").

The video marks a striking departure for the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires artist, as her visuals for "Starships" and "Beez in the Trap" featured way more skin and far less romance. There are no nightlife scenes in the "Right By My Side" video -- another rarity in a Minaj video.

Of course, being Nicki, she ends the video with a glare directed righted at the camera.

"Right By My Side" is off Roman Reloaded, which is currently No. 17 on the Billboard charts. Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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