On Monday, Russell Bishop, the Editorial Director for GPS For The Soul, gave us insight into Chan Luu's (yes, the daring jewelry designer) tips for maintaining balance in a twister of a world.

Today, we get a peek into the specifics: Below you'll find the images and songs that soothe Chan Luu's soul. Maybe you'll discover a melody that makes your morning commute more bearable, or perhaps you'll be inspired to begin curating your own set of calming sights and sounds.

For the latter, we ask that you be patient; good things come to those who wait, and the GPS For The Soul App should be arriving mid-summer with good -- no, great -- things to offer.

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  • "Arianna relaxing on the hammock at my house."

  • "I have afternoon tea with friends on the weekends on the patio."

  • "Entertaining friends at home. I love to cook for my friends."

  • Sunset.

  • "This is the patio outside of my bedroom, where I read, relax or just listening to the birds."

  • "A picture from Kauai where I have a vacation home, when I need to get away to totally unplug"

  • "I love to entertain friends at home and I love to cook for my friends."

  • "I find playing in water or looking at water relaxes me."

  • "Candles at night -- always for relaxation."