This Memorial Day, maybe you'll pay tribute to someone you've lost, or take time to give your returning soldier one extra hug. At HuffPost Impact, where we make it a point to honor military families, we'd like to hear from you and share your personal stories.

Share a photo or video below and tell us who you'll be honoring this weekend. Or send an email to us at and we'll add your tribute to ours for Memorial Day.

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  • Edwin Pearce and Edwin "Jack" Pearce, Father and Son

    This Memorial Day, I think of my Grandfather and my Uncle, Jack -- a man I never met. My grandfather was 19 when his B-17 was shot down over Hitler's Germany. He parachuted out of the burning plane and spent over 600 days in Stalag IVII prison camp. When his firstborn son and namesake was shot down over Laos in 1972 and declared missing in action, my grandfather dedicated the rest of his life to bringing him home. After 36 years of searching, <a href="" target="_hplink">father and son were reunited</a>. Their shared grave bears the following inscription: <em>Separated by a generation fought in different wars, both shot down from the skies. The father, a prisoner of war, returned to fall in love, raise five children and live a long life.</em> <em>The son's remains were returned thirty-six years after he was shot down, to be laid to rest with his father, who had never stopped searching for him. -Jessica Pearce Rotondi, Associate Blog Editor, Huffington Post</em>

  • MAJ Angelita Rodriguez

    This Memorial Day, I will be remembering my aunt and role model, MAJ Angelita Rodriguez. A loving and supportive wife and mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Angie served her country dutifully for 20 years in the US Army. While celebrating her 27th wedding anniversary with her first and only love in Galveston, Texas on May 24, 2009, she became ill and was quickly diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Angie maintained her signature cheerful optimism through chemo and a bone marrow transplant using bone marrow was donated by her older brother. She was eventually released from the hospital but several infections weakened her and she passed away after 6 months of treatment on November 19, 2009. Angie's legacy is the model of a strong, compassionate woman dedicated to family and country. We learn from her to keep fighting for what we believe in until our last breath and to serve others before ourselves. Angie taught us how to be better people and for that we pay tribute by living my life to make her proud. Her oldest daughter just graduated from James Madison University with honors and the younger daughter is about to enlist in the US Navy. I am following her example and finishing my Master's degree overseas, sending my love from 5,000 miles away to the rest of my family and all those remembering a service member on Memorial Day. Her full story can be found <a href="" target="_hplink">here</a>. <em>Submitted by Raquel Gonzalez.</em>

  • Marine Robert Wellman

    I would like to thank all of our service men and women for being part of the force that guards this country day and night. Being a Vietnam veteran myself, I know the sacrifices that these service members make every day and most will never know how much we depend on them for our safety. I especially want to welcome back my nephew, Marine Robert Wellman, who has recently returned from Afghanistan. Welcome home Robert, I'm glad you returned safe and sound. Have a very special and safe Memorial Day. <em>Submitted by Michael Mitchell</em>

  • My father

    Pictured here is my father in the early eighties. We had just moved to America from Vietnam after the ARVN lost South Vietnam. Unfortunately, he died in a fire in 1998. Along with dad, this Memorial Day, I'm honoring four students, and numerous more loved ones. Their loss has inspired me to live and love to the fullest. <em>Submitted by Khanh Nguyen.</em>

  • My brother Dom

    I dedicate Memorial Day 2012 to my brother Dom who was just flown to Walter Reed this past Friday after being shot in combat. I thank him for his ten wartime deployments and years of service to our country! I am so very grateful that he is alive! <em>Submitted by Kendall Martin.</em>