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Charcoal vs. Gas Grilling: Debating The Pros And Cons

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When it comes to grilling, people are pretty divided -- on one side there are those who prefer grilling with gas, and on the other side there are those who prefer charcoal. One grilling method offers a speedy set-up and convenient and easy cleanup, whereas the other involves playing with fire. It really comes down to personal preference and there is an argument for both sides -- just see blogger Meathead's post on gas vs. charcoal.

So, we asked our fans on Facebook to see what they thought. We were surprised to see an overwhelming response in favor of charcoal grilling, but we want to open up the topic for further debate. Which side are you on? Add your thoughts to the debate below and vote for the side you're on.


Pre-debate poll:

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Charcoal grilling is better than gas.

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Who makes the better argument?

Point: Charcoal tastes better.

"[I] love the taste and smell of charcoal grilling." -- Rendy Halm via Facebook

"[I prefer] charcoal, [because] it just tastes better and wood adds a lot too!" -- Claire Seaboyer via Facebook

"[I prefer] charcoal. If you want to GRILL, then really GRILL. Leave the gas for the stove!" -- Katy Adams via Facebook
Point: Gas is cleaner and more convenient.

"[I prefer] gas just because of the convenience." -- Cynthia Mason via Facebook

"Charcoal gives flavor but [I've] found that gas has better temperature control so I try to put a metal container with lump charcoal in the gas grill and it works very well especially for large parties." --Evan Earl Barnhouse via Facebook

"Charcoal gives a good flavor but it makes a mess and clean up sucks. I use gas now just out of convenience and speed." -- Peg Willen via Facebook



Did one of the arguments change your mind?

Charcoal grilling is better than gas.


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Photo from Stefano A, Flickr.

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