Memorial Day weekend isn't technically the first weekend of summer, but let's be real: School's out, folks.

If, like us, you've spent the spring working really, really hard and perhaps not fulfilling your New Year's resolutions or spring-cleaning dreams with quite the focus and attention you had planned, we thought it might be a good idea to give the whole resolution thing another go. Except a summer resolution, we feel, should be a slightly different beast -- not a beast at all, in fact. What if, instead of making resolutions that involve fixing ourselves, we all resolved to have a little more fun -- to be a little more adventurous, do things we're passionate about, opt in to the impromptu weekend away or other adventure? So weekend in Barcelona, anyone?

We polled our staff for their summer resolutions, which you'll find below, and now we'd like to hear yours. Tweet yours @HuffPostWomen using the hashtag #SummerResolution, and we'll include it in the slideshow. Happy (early) summer!

LOOK: Our #SummerResolutions

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  • Margaret Wheeler Johnson, Women's Editor

    Mine is to spend a weekend offline, out of New York City. Not sure when I'm going to do it, but I'm going to do it.

  • Bianca Bosker, Senior Tech Editor

    My resolution is to read Anna Karenina. Also to have a breakfast picnic on the beach at sunrise.

  • Lori Fradkin, Senior Lifestyle Editor

    My summer resolution is to watch "Downton Abbey," so I'm caught up by the time season three starts.

  • Lori Leibovich, Executive Lifestyle Editor

    I haven't exercised regularly in the year since I started my very wonderful but very demanding job, so my goal for the summer is to get back into shape. But waking at dawn to run the monotonous loop around my local park just doesn't sound very fun. So instead I'm going to try Trampoline Yoga at Shen Tao in New York. I'm betting that it will be a lot easier to leave my desk for a workout if it involves bouncing, zen-like.

  • Ann Brenoff, Senior Writer

    In the true spirit of summer, I am going to play hooky for a day and take my kids to the beach. But shhhhh ... don't tell my boss! Summer is the time of mental health days, when you do something just for you, no matter how naughty. Now you're not gonna tell on me, are you?

  • Emma Gray, Associate Editor, HuffPost Women

    My resolution is to spend as much time as possible this summer outside in the sun. After spending hours in an office under artificial lights, I think embracing the outdoors will be good for both my mental and physical health.