05/24/2012 03:29 pm ET

'Men In Black 3,' 'Teen Wolf Too' And Other Unnecessary Sequels (PHOTOS)

"Men In Black 3" isn't a bad movie, but you may have a hard time justifying its existence.

It has been a decade since "Men In Black II" was out in theaters, and though Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones still have great chemistry, the best parts of "Men In Black 3" recall the superior original film -- which audiences can just pop into their DVD players any time they want.

Fortunately, "Men In Black 3" still provides some fun moments -- especially when the film time-travels back to 1969 and Josh Brolin takes over Agent K duties from Jones -- which is a lot more than can be said about the 14 films below. Ahead, check out some of the most unnecessary sequels of all time. Leave your least favorite in the comments section!

Unnecessary Sequels